44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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Networking Tip of the Month

  1. Be consistent and show up with the mindset to connect. Be open to creating relationships and support other's growth.

    ~ Di Riseborough, DiRiseborough.com

Networking Articles for February 2016

When you looked over your past accomplishments from last year (and hopefully you have reviewed your accomplishments over the past 12 months) did you notice there were some things that didn't get done? Maybe you kept putting them off even though you knew it would help to grow your business.

With the onset of 2016 it behooves one to reflect on 2015 even for a little bit.

Here you are at the start of new year and you likely have your dreams articulated as goals and plans to make it come to be. Great! Way to go! Maybe you have even created a vision board to help you really connect with the end results. You're feeling excited and full of anticipation. But, what happens when your plans are interrupted or hindered by the unexpected? How do you respond to failures, rejections, or a major hitch that hinders an important project?

We have fences, doors, and locks to protect our physical property, but protection of our digital property often represents a weak link. This is likely due to the belief that "it will never happen to me" or "what could I have that needs online security?"

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Susan Regier

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Liz Dietrich, Psychotherapist, RP, CCC

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